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I'm not a key ring collector as such, but when I come across them I'm sometimes attracted to them, perhaps it is the price that draws me in. I can't help myself adding new things as I find them and key rings seem to fit in with the other things I collect, to be honest almost anything will fit in. Of course even if something doesn't instantly fit in, with a bit of a tweak and some inventive thinking, I can make it fit as though it was always there. The joy of being eclectic I suppose. This is a mixture of types with a bias towards beer and cider, but really anything goes if I like it...I've included a couple of small penknives which I suppose would have been attached to key rings, but they are close enough and certainly fit in with being 'akin to key rings' so they are here for now. The Watneys Ships Stores knife came from a beermat cllectors meeting back in the 1970's when the Beermat society sold brewery memorabilia alongside beermats, and would have been donated by the breweries along with beermats and other breweriana.