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I had toy cars from Dinky as a youngster and I specifically remember a sky blue Chevrolet El Camino being a favourite of mine. I never collected them, just destroyed them in play. I used to like pulling the tyres off the wheels and putting them back on again. It was in the late 1980's that the thought of collecting them came to me, and specifically Police Vehicles as I was a serving Police Officer, and we had a pair of retired miners on our patch who set up with their NCB payouts to produce 'Code 3' diecast vehicles. Basically they took existing models, stripped them and repainted them in the livery of Police Forces or specific Companies and sold them off in Limited Editions of  'No more than 1000 or 1100' models with a certificate included in the box. Once again I was hooked and started to collect them as they were produced. That company was EPM (Eastwood Promotional Marketing) and eventually I added Police Vehicles from Creaks of Camberley and Castlehouse Models of Birmingham, all in limited editions. I now have hundreds of them with many duplicates.