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Way back in the early 90's a friend of my daughter was playing with a plastic elephant with a blue character on top that spun round when the elephant was pushed along a surface. It transpired that it was a McDonalds toy given away 'free' with a Happy Meal and came from the 'Circus' set of December 1991. I'd never been to a McDonalds so we went along and initially got the toys for my daughter. I thought they were well made and interesting but had no thoughts on collecting them. Soon after the discovery of these little treasures, and while still a serving Police Officer I had cause to attend a bomb scare after a suspicious box was left in what turned out to be a place where several gas pipelines fed into the local gasworks. There was a Mcdonalds restaurant close by and we evacuated the premises and other local places while the army bomb disposal team dismantled what turned out to be a large box of carpet squares that must have fallen off the back of a lorry. The manager of McDonalds offered all the Police Officers who attended a free meal as they had loads of cooked stuff that would all have to be thrown away, so it was sensible not to waste it completely. Some of us took up the offer and I got talking about the toys and the advertising material (as you do...) and the upshot was that he managed to get me some old mint in packet toys from head office and promised to keep back some of the advertising material at the end of promotions, that he would normally throw in the skip. I was hooked and for a few years I accumulated a lot of 'collectables' including these translites. I managed to get hold of some old stock translites from long gone promotions from several of the local McDonalds and in return I made donations to the Ronald McDonald Charities and everyone was happy. In the end I got too much stuff (the story of my life...) and had a big clear out of it to various charity shops and sold some of the rarer items on Ebay and to collectors. I'm now left with these translites and some bags of other items that remain sealed in a dark place in my attic. I try not to visit that dark place these days but I know that it is still there...and where it is!