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There are lots of anomalies to having a Royal Family as we do in the UK, but I am a fan of having them and advocate that long may they reign. That being said I've never really been a collector of Royal memorabilia, but I have enjoyed looking at pieces over the years. Collecting the way I do is very much based on chance finds, I don't go out with specific intentions of what I want to find, I go with the flow. Inevitably I do come across Royal pieces and when they are at 'good' prices my spider senses come into play. I have come across really nice pieces at really cheap prices and so I just have to buy them. I never buy with the intention of selling but in my subconscious I am sure that I am thinking about the resale value should I need to sell them off one day. I am happy that the prices I pay can be replicated if I come to sell the pieces and hopefully a bit more can be added and give me a return for my investment. Is it an investment if I have no intention of selling, I have no idea...but in the meantime I keep picking new pieces up and that is likely to continue.