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John Brooke Steel aka 'PotterJohn' a Derbyshire potter and a member of The Ripley Morris Men (now Ripley Morris since allowing women to join). I came across his pottery back in the 1980's when attending a Ripley Morris Men's event and getting a tankard made by him. I wasn't aware of his other work at that time and didn't realy give it any thought, I did like the tankard though, but sadly I no longer have it,

I came across his work again in 2009 when my own Morris Team, The Dolphin Morris Men of Nottingham were presented with a gift to celebrate our 10 year stint of organising the annual Jigs Instructional on behalf of The Morris Ring. The gift was a three handled tankard of large size bearing a dancer performing a jig and an inscription about our achievement and a picture of our team badge. It is a lovely piece of hand made pottery and bears the stamped JBS mark. As archivist of the team I hold this 'Jig-Tyg' on behalf of the team. One of our members christened it as the 'Jig-Tyg' and the name has stuck, a goodname always finds its place.

In June 2019 I visited the Calverton car boot in Nottinghamshire and while walking around I saw the unmistakeable site of a puzzle jug that could only have been made by Potter John. The seller confirmed my thoughts. I purchased the Puzzle Jug along with a tankard also by JBS. The seller said he had other pieces at home and I gave him my email address and he sent me some pictures of his other JBS pieces, I liked all of the pieces and bought them all as I couldn't make a decision for only a couple of them. He still has a few pieces and his father also has a few pieces but these are not currently available. They are distinctive and beautifully made and to me very appealing.