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Another car boot find. A couple were moving to somewhere near Russia and were selling off all their possessions which included their collection of Maruhon pottery. I hadn't come across this before and was immediately attracted to it by its striking colours and interesting shapes. Apparently made in Japan in the 1930's and 1940's. It is soft pottery and prone to chips and cracks but most of the pieces on offer were pretty much undamaged. They came in at a good price so I bought a few pieces. I saw the couple twice at two different car boots and bought selected pieces from what was on offer.I kept away from the obviously damaged pieces and bought what I thought of as the most interesting. I have around 40 pieces but there are hundreds of pieces to be found with similar pieces with different colour runs. I need to find out more about Maruhon and similar pottery marked with Maratomo. The seller suspects that they were made at the same factory because of the close similarity he had seen in both makers. In the meantime I just love the vivid colours and shapes. Many similar pieces have 'Made in Occupied Japan' as a backstamp but so far I've not added any with these words included. If I come across such pieces at the right price I will of course add them.