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I had never really noticed Wm. Adams pottery until one day I went to the Bottesford car boot sale. There on a stall I found several pieces being sold. I was intrigued by them and their look. Not particularly fashionable these days but I have no idea why. I really like the way they are made and type of tranferred printed finish employed. I bought several pieces from the seller on that first occasion. I returned the following week and he was there again and remembered me.He had other pieces and once again I bought a few, and this time I got them at a better price because I was a return buyer and interested. I got his email address and arranged to see him again the following week where I purchased a large and expensive book on Adams ceramics, I only paid £10 but it is £55 if you buy a new copy. This copy belonged to his father who had amassed a collection of around 3500 pieces! Mostly plates apparently but lots of other designs as well. I also bought several more pieces again at great prices. I've added a few pieces since from other places but I have had to pay a bit more unfortunately. I reallylike them, but I'm not dictated to by fashion, just what I like.