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This album of photos have been taken over the last 12 years and show the inner city areas of Nottingham as they are at the time. some of the buildings have been demolished since I took the photos. I always regretted that as a young teenager I didn't have access to a camera to record what was going on in the 1960's, a time of great change in Nottingham and all over the country. In the 1960's many areas were still as they had been in the 19th century but this was to quickly change with much demolition and rebuilding, and not always for the better. Many of those new buildings have already been demolished and replaced again with even newer developmnts. I decided that I would start to record the state of Nottingham as it is now rather than let another chance slip away so with my wife, we occasionally get up at 5am/6am and park the car in an area of Nottingham and have a walk round taking photos of anything and everything in that area. The traffic is still very light and roads are pretty clear of vehicles at that time. By about 8am the morning traffic and public are around and that is time to go for a breakfast somewhere. We don't really have a plan we just go where we feel at the time. I'm not really a photographer, I simply have a half decent camera and like going out at daft times snapping pictures. These are the result. One day I will commence writing captions against them all, a few already have titles but more will follow in time.