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Gumtree has a lot to answer for...an alert to beermats/coasters brings in all sorts of things but when a collection of 5000 beermats comes along I just had to try to get it. Not knowing what was there was the thing that interested me even more, so I emailed the seller and hoped that I was the first to make a play for them. I was the first and so arranged to travel to Essex to pick them up and pay on collection. I also checked out the sellers other items and lo and behold there was a collection of sugar bags in a box and a small collection of matchboxes and matchbooks. The temptation was too great so I made a bid for them and collected all in one journey. I am now the owner of well over 2000 sugar bags, sachets, tubes and cubes and these are some of them. As time permits I'll photograph more and add them. I don't think I'm likely to become a collector of sugar bags but for the time being I am a Sucrologist without portfolio. My wife's use of Anglo-Saxon was merely a front to hide her pride in what I do.