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The title says it all. I have a large collection of random eclectica bought from all sorts of places, some given to me and some dug out of the ground, many bought from car boots, charity shops, fairs and Ebay. I make token attempts to collect one thing but then I see something that I can't live without and the next thing I know is that it is wrapped and paid for. It might be an obsession, but it is my obsession. Click on each photograph and many have the story of how I came by the item, eventually more items will be uploaded and everyone will have a bit of a story to read.
 I don't buy to sell  but I sometimes fool myself into buying something using the excuse that I'll sell it on for a vast profit. Never happens like that because I generally pay too much so any profit is unlikely, and when I do get a bargain I always want to keep it to gloat over my good fortune. I'll never make a fortune but I'll always have things that I can easily sell at a loss.