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There are lots of Lorna Bailey Christmas related pieces to collect. My first piece was a present from a friend several years ago, the oval vase. All the pieces with Santa Claus in a chimney are from a series called 'CHRISTMAS EVE' and they were produced in 2004 as far as I know. I recently (December 2000) saw on an internet search that there were seven designs with this image on and I appear to have seven different pieces. One of my pieces is marked as a 'Prototype' but I'm not sure if this is one of the seven authorised pieces that were produced, I can't find any other designs so until I learn of others I will presume that it is the seventh piece. The two pointed top pieces are sugar sifters I believe, and the red one is marked as number 2 of 2 produced. The other pieces are Christmas decorations made to hang on a tree or similar, and there are loads of different ones to collect, some limited in number and some general designs and unnumbered. The first piece is a cruet set called Space Station and was issued for the millennium.