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When I started to collect cider beermats again I decided that just the mention of cider was enough, and so if the word CIDER, in any language, appears on a mat then I will collect it. These are non-specific mentions and are my own category,and these in this album are, as far as I can tell British issues. You might notice a mention of Stetson Cider on one mat, this is a fictitious cider from a TV soap I believe, there is another that mentions Bulmers Cider and this is from a souvenir set of 25 beermats produced using images from the collection of Tim Stannard. Tim was in the Guinness Book of Records for having the Worlds largest collection of beermats and the images were from his prewar collection. My claim to fame is that in the 1980's I got two copies of a previously unknown J. Fryers Brewery of Stokesley beermat from around 1935 and Tim had one of them, which is used in the souvenir set, and the other one I dontated to the British Beermat Collectors Society for their museum of British Brewery mats. I'm not sure if any other copies of that mat have turned up since?