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I was never a fan of honey until I stayed overnight in a guesthouse in Bath. Situated on a very steephill the road cuts a 45 degree angle across the house, not the sort of place where you want a fall of snow to arrive. They did an amazing range of breakfast cereals and choices of things to eat before the full English breakfast arrived. One of those things on offer was honey.I'd never tried it before so here was my opportunity to dip my toe in, a disgusting habit but I am now a lifelong fan of honey so it was worth it. Honey pots are another thing. I collect almost anything you can think of but honey pots had never really crossed my radar, but over the years I have had the odd one in my collection. I've still got a couple but nothing to shout about. I was looking online at Marketplace when I saw a group of honey pots on offer and they were a driveable distance away without too much effort so I put my bid in but sadly they were already gone and being collected by the purchaser. I messaged the seller who told me he had more which would be coming up shortly, the next day in fact, and he messaged me when they were put up on Marketplace. I found them, two lots, and decided there and then to have them and arranged to collect them within the hour. I found the house after a bit of a search when my satnav suggested that the address didn't exist! I came away with the two lots I had bid on and a further lot that were due to be listed. I don't think that I am going to become a died in the wool honey pot collector (is there a name for such a being I wonder? Must be...) but I now have some nice looking examples that will eventually find a place to be displayed. THe seller has lots more so who know I may add to my haul.

Here are those pots from that online find and hopefully I will add a few more in time. We'll see.

Where there s a makers mark I have included it after the main pictures, if no mark then I've not added a picture of a plain bottom.