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I don't collect beer bottle labels but a couple of years ago I purchased a collection thinking that I might. It was never going to last as it feels more like stamp collecting. I have something over 6000 labels from all over the world and have decided that I want to try to exchange them but I am only after CIDER related COASTERS from all around the world.

I know nothing about labels so they are presented in lots wich contain either random selections or selections of a particular type of label. I might get some wrong so if I have I apologise. The collection I bought was stuck into albums and I removed all the labels as carefully as I could. They were stuck in with sticky hinges in the same way as a stamp collector would do it. Damaged labels were thrown away but some still show signs of the sticky hinges having been in place.

Every label has the same exchange value, I have no idea if some are better than others, but I don't have the inclination to find out more about them.

They are all available for exchange and I will keep adding lots.

I have kept all the Cider and Christmas related labels. I am not going to actually collect them but for the time being I quite like the look of them.