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Those who know me are aware that I started collecting beermats when I was very young and from around 1960 to the mid 1980's I collected all types of beermats. For various reasons I disposed of my collection but held back the cider mats and in around 2008 I started to take an interest in resurrecting my collection. It was then that I started to get serious about cider mats and collected only cider mats from that time onwards. Being a collector it is hard to pass anything by and so I built up my cider collection but at the same time I was getting collections large and small and started harvesting mats to use as exchange maerial. This included mats of all types and I tried to select the best ones to keep for a rainy day. I have thousands of mats but one section of my mats is these sets you see here.Some are not quite complete or have mats from different series together.I do't actually 'collect' them,I simpy accumulate the ones that I get in the course of getting cider mats. Ever since I started collecting as a ten year old sets of things appealed to me, so cigarette cards, badges,cigarette packets, matchboxes etc always drew my attention and nothing has changed fifty years later. So I have lots of sets of beermats among other things and here they are so that I know what I have got. I'm not interested in exchanging mats to get sets I just want to get them as they come along. I'm not after old or rare ones particularly just the ones I get along the way. One day I might check them against catalogues and given them catalogue numbers but for the time being they languish in boxes with thousands of other types including Foreign beers, Coca Cola,Guinness, Carlsberg, Spirits, British brewery of course, and many other types from around the world. Cider beermats will always be my passion but I just can't resist other types now and again, and sets still grab my attention as they once did when I  actually collected them.