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I don't actually collect glasses but once a collector always a collector and I can't throw things out once I get them. Collecting beermats means that anything from the world of breweriana becomes interesting and you naturally seem to find lots of things that act as go-withs to your main field of collecting. These glasses have just come along from car boots, charity shops, pubs and some have just arrived under the radar and joined the rest by some sort of osmosis and I have no memory of them arriving or where from, they are just 'there'...by some form of magic.

Collecting in this non-collecting random way means that there is no planning it jusy evolves with time and there are not lots of rarities just a mixture of those glasses that come along. It is what it is and will never set the world of glass's collecting on fire but in 100 years time some might even be desirable to those collectors who haven't been born yet! In the meantime I need to try not to drop them.