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Hello my name is Andy Padmore welcome to my site. It is intended to be an eclectic mix of things that I like, and I am currently still working on what that actually includes – it may take some time, and may never be completely decided upon.  My current passion is for Cider and Christmas related Beermats/coasters from around the world,  and Cider includes ANY mention of cider/cyder/cidre/sidra etc or perry, and includes German and Swiss Apfelwein  the word cider etc in a quiz question or recipe will do, ANY means ANY.

I have 1000's of beermats of all types to exchange from around the world.  There are hundreds of Cider, Perry and Christmas coasters that I've not got and new ones being produced all the time. I can't keep up with the flow of new ones without the help of other collectors so please contact me if you want to exchange or even sell mats that I might be interested in. 

Images of my Christmas collection can be found on this site and I use my own numbering system to identify them.  I also maintain a gallery of images of Cider and Perry mats on the Beermatmania website which includes everything from my collection as well as lots of images of mats that I am still trying to find a copy of. They are numbered as per the British Beermat  Collectors Society cider catalogue and here is my latest Wants list just click this link   Wants list,

The link to the cider gallery is;

Please feel free to browse the albums and if you have any comments or question please contact me.

 I will be making sporadic updates to the albums as time permits so please keep  checking to see what I've done since your last visit.

Andy Padmore

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