Andy's Cider & Christmas Coasters & Collectables

Something else that I've accumulated over a few years are egg cups. I've no idea why I started to pick them up but that is a difficulty I could attach to most things I collect. My first egg cup is probably the Bonzo dog pedestal example that I dug up from an old rubbish tip in the 1970's - the Cow Paddle in Lincoln. It was complete and unbroken so it was a joy to dig up and naturally I kept it for that reason initially but perhaps because it is an egg cup it might have influenced my later interest. To be honest I don't go out of my way to collect egg cups but I do go to lots of car boot sales during the year and I see them on stalls, and some take my fancy and I take them home. I have no plan for a theme, which means the designs are very random. I would not be able to pick only one theme such as railways, or dogs or royalty etc. As with all my collecting, if it takes my fancy and I can afford it at the time, then it comes home with me - whatever it is. Sometimes it would be good to have a place for these things before I acquire them but what fun is there in that eh?